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Foil Drive Assist PLUS

The Foil Drive that invented and introduced the world to the concept of retro-fit electric foil assist. The original kit with everything you need for hybrid foiling, mounted to the top side of your board. This is a great kit to enter the world of hybrid Foildriving.

Foil Drive Assist PLUS


It doesn't matter if your surfing, down winding, Winging or in flat Water, the Assist Max is for everyone, however heavier riders and those wanting to just pull the trigger and fly will love the extra run time and thrust.

If you've been around Foil Drive before, the Assist MAX is for anyone who loves the runtime of the Assist PLUS and is keen on more power and more runtime! If you're new to Foil Drive, the MAX is the perfect all rounder!

Foil Drive Assist PLUS
Foil Drive Assist PLUS
Foil Drive Assist PLUS


Gen1 Foil Drive Systems and Motor Cable Length
Gen1 Foil Drive systems feature an inbuilt, fixed motor with 200cm of cable length. This gives ample length to run the motor at any height on the mast with versatile box mounting options. Excess cable can be coiled up and tied off when not in use. Assist PLUS systems come with an inbuild cable that cannot be altered or changed and are fixed. If you chose to run an Integrated Mast, your Assist PLUS will become part of the mast setup.

How is it Mounted to the board?
Gen1 Foil Drive Systems mount to the top side of your board using a removable, adhesive backed, 3M Dual Lock. We have a range of accessories like the Mounting Base Plate that can be used with foot strap holes as an alternate mounting method.

Foil Drive Assist PLUS
Foil Drive Assist PLUS


The largest of the Assist PLUS Battery, this is the more common selection amongst riders. Due to it's larger size, this battery can be used for Flatwater Foildriving, and provides the longer runtime of all options. The Standard battery is a MUST for those wanting long sessions, using smaller board and foils, or heavier riders.

Volts: 28V
Energy: 362.8Wh

Foil Drive Assist PLUS


The Small Battery has been designed for those with weight in mind. At 1/3 the weight and capacity of the Standard Battery, this is perfect for those using their motor in short bursts, to get on foil, then rider unpowered. As this battery runs the same voltage, with less cells, it cannot be used for Flatwater Foildriving as you are simply asking too much from each cell at one time. Small Batteries are also airline friendly with most carriers

Volts: 28v
Energy: 120.9Wh

Foil Drive Assist PLUS


The Airline Travel Bundle features 2 Small Batteries that can be connected together to form a capacity 2/3 that of a Standard Battery. While you cannot Flatwater Foildrive with these together, they do provide an extended runtime for those wanting to travel. Small Batteries are also airline friendly with most carriers

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