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Foil Drive Assist PLUS is the entry level Foil Drive unit for everyone. The Assist PLUS allows riders the creativity to fit an electric paddle assistance system to their existing gear any way they like. It's lightweight design perfect for foil surfing, downwind, wing foil, learning and flatwater Foildriving meaning you can focus on flight and improve your foiling in no time.


Simpy choose battery and mast adapter.


All Assist PLUS kits now come with the maximum 200cm cable lenght as standard.


Install weight: 3.7kg
Operating Voltage: 28-32v
Max Thrust: 24.5kg (Aluminium Propellers)
Runtime (Generalised): 30min-3hrs depending on use case, battery and other variables.
Recharge time: Appx. 2hrs (Standard Battery)
Install time: 10mins

Foil Drive Assist Plus

SKU: 001-01
PriceFrom AED12,950.00
Please allow 3-4 weeks for build and shipping
  • Foil Drive Assist Plus
    Selected Battery
    Aluminium Folding Propellers
    Motor Pod (Variations)
    V2 Wireless Throttle Controller
    Paddle Mount

    3M Dual Lock (preinstalled) for mounting
    3x Board Cable Guides (1x Short, 2x Long)
    4x Mast Cable Guides
    1x 2.5mm M3 Hex Driver (Spare Bolts inside)
    Wrist Floaty
    1x Lipo Safe Bag
    Stubby Cooler for motor protection
    Lithium Battery Charger (AUS or US Plug (To Specify)
    Wireless charger for controller
    1x Re-Usable Silicon Tie


    For flatwater foiling, additional Mast Cable Guides are required.

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