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The Foil Drive Gen2 Motor is a key element of any Foil Drive setup. This motor is compatible with both the Foil Drive Assist MAX and Assist Slim, and is available in a variety of cable lengths for adjusting motor placement on the mast.

When used in conjunction with the Foil Drive Universal Motor Pods and Mast Adaptors, this motor is compatible with almost any foil mast on the market!


The motor mounting position is a personal rider preference and can differ between disciplines of foiling. Foil Drive motors should be considered like a quiver allowing you to customise or fine tune your set up to how you want to ride.


With the Gen2 Motor Plug this allows modularity with quick and simple connection between your Foil Drive unit and your Gen2 Motors or integrated mast enabling the ultimate flexibility.


This includes a full Gen2 Motor, or you can opt to purchase just a Gen2 Stator Only if you're looking to reuse your Propellers and Rotor.

Foil Drive Gen2 Motor

Gen 2 products ships late November 2023
  • Foil Drive Motor
    2 Blade Propellers
    Specific Cable Length with Gen2 Motor Plug
    3x Puck Screws
    3x Motor Plug Screws
    Stubby Cooler

  • Assist MAX
    Assist Slim

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