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The Foil Drive Assist MAX is the flagship model with maximum power, runtime, thrust and versatility. Suitable for any rider at any skill level for just about any type of foiling you can imagine! The Assist MAX does it all!


Gen2 Foil Drive Systems mount between your mast plate and the board. As foil mast tracks are universal, this means it fit's any board! Simply use the provided locking T nuts and longer mast bolts. Sandwich your Gen2 Foil Drive between your gear for optimal weight distribution and a clean top board surface.


It doesn't matter if your surfing, down winding, Winging or in flat Water, the Assist Max is for everyone, however heavier riders and those wanting to just pull the trigger ang fly will love the extra run time and thrust.


Maximum Thrust: 27.5kg  with Three Blade Alloy Props

Weight Range: 3.4 - 4.5kg depending on battery

Dimensions: L415 x W250 x H50mm

Operating Voltage: 40V

Runtime (Generalised): 40min-4hrs depending on use case, battery and other variables.

Recharge Time: Appx. 2-3.5hrs (MAX Power Battery)

Batteries: IP68 rated dust and water resistant.

Foil Drive Assist MAX

SKU: 100-01
Gen 2 products ships January 2024

  • Foil Drive Assist MAX with MAX Power Battery
    Motor Plug Protector with Keychain
    Foil Drive Nose Cone A
    Foil Drive Nose Cone B
    Foil Drive Universal Motor Pod - Rear
    Foil Drive Universal Motor Pod - Short Nose
    Foil Drive Universal Motor Pod - Long Nose
    Foil Drive v2 Wireless Throttle Controller
    Foil Drive Controller Wrist Strap
    Foil Drive Mast Cable Guide 23cm
    Foil Drive Controller Wireless Charge Pad
    Micro USB Cable
    40v Standard Foil Drive Charger 4amp
    4x Mast Track Foam Inserts
    2x Nose Cone Rocker Pad
    2x Battery Grease
    4x M8 Assist MAX Mast Plate Bolts 80mm
    4x M6 Assist MAX Mast Plate Bolts 80mm
    Foil Drive 2.5mm Driver
    Torx T40 Tee Handle Driver
    Torx T30 Tee Handle Driver
    Foil Drive Cleaning Cloth
    Foil Drive Gen2 Carry Case

    Foil Drive Mounting Bolt Bag
    - 4x M8 Locking Tee Nuts
    - 4x M6 Locking Tee Nuts
    - 4x M3 x 20mm Bolts for Locking Tee Nuts
    - 2x M3 x 16mm Latch Locking Bolts

    Foil Drive Motor and Pod Bolts Bag
    - 4x Motor Pod Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
    - 3x Puck Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
    - 3x Motor Plug Bolts (M4 x 10mm)

    Spare Parts Bag
    - 2x O-Ring Seals - Foil Drive Assist MAX
    - 2x Latch Assembly - Foil Drive Assist MAX
    - 3x Motor Plug Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
    - 4x Motor Pod Bolts/Puck Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
    - 2x Latch Locking Bolts (M3 x 16mm)
    - 2x Propeller Bolts (M3 x 30mm)
    - 2x Latch Pivot Bolts (M3 x 45mm)

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