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The Foil Drive Assist MAX with AXIS integration. This collaboration is for the AXIS rider who wants to embrace their Foil Drive, while preserving the streamline, highly responsive design of the AXIS masts. Designed for the entire foil line, the AXIS masts are stiff, strong, and ready for any use and conditions.


While motor positions are fixed and cannot be changed once installed the AXIS x Foil Drive Mast Integration is perfect for riders who know exactly where they want the motor.

Foil Drive Assist MAX x AXIS Integrated Mast

SKU: 100-05
Gen 2 products ships January 2024
  • Foil Drive Assist MAX
    Selected MAX Battery
    AXIS Foils Integrated Mast

    Optional: Doodad and Fuselage Bolts

    Motor Plug Protector with Keychain
    Foil Drive Nose Cone A
    Foil Drive Nose Cone B
    Foil Drive v2 Wireless Throttle Controller
    Foil Drive Controller Wrist Strap
    Foil Drive Controller Wireless Charge Pad
    Micro USB Cable
    40v Standard Foil Drive Charger 4amp
    4x Mast Track Foam Inserts
    2x Nose Cone Rocker Pad
    2x Battery Grease
    4x M8 Assist MAX Mast Plate Bolts 80mm
    4x M6 Assist MAX Mast Plate Bolts 80mm
    Foil Drive 2.5mm Driver
    Torx T40 Tee Handle Driver
    Torx T30 Tee Handle Driver
    Foil Drive Cleaning Cloth
    Foil Drive Gen2 Carry Case

    Foil Drive Mounting Bolt Bag
    - 4x M8 Locking Tee Nuts
    - 4x M6 Locking Tee Nuts
    - 4x M3 x 20mm Bolts for Locking Tee Nuts
    - 2x M3 x 16mm Latch Locking Bolts

    Foil Drive Motor and Pod Bolts Bag
    - 4x Motor Pod Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
    - 3x Puck Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
    - 3x Motor Plug Bolts (M4 x 10mm)

    Spare Parts Bag
    - 2x O-Ring Seals - Foil Drive Assist MAX
    - 2x Latch Assembly - Foil Drive Assist MAX
    - 3x Motor Plug Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
    - 4x Motor Pod Bolts/Puck Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
    - 2x Latch Locking Bolts (M3 x 16mm)
    - 2x Propeller Bolts (M3 x 30mm)
    - 2x Latch Pivot Bolts (M3 x 45mm)

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