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RSPro Car Rear bumper Saver

AED 113.00
In stock
Product Details

A universal rear bumper or tail gate scratch saver for cars and vans:

  • Protects the rear bumper from scratches and minor impacts using the very same material from our famous and industry leading SUP rail savers
  • Transparent to fit every bumper color.
  • High impact and abrasion resistance with minimum weight.
  • Universal size. Fits most cars and vans. Check measures.
  • Super-easy installation.
  • Design&manufacturing in Barcelona.
  • Clear, translucid, with RSPro logo at the side in silver color for a perfect match to any bumper color.
  • 1 strips x 95cm(37.4″) x 9cm(3.5") semi-rigid 380 micron PVC lenticular pattern surface for high impact and abrasion resistance with the minimum weight. The lenticular patterns surface also facilitates adaptation to difficult areas and easy installation.
  • UV resistant and perfectly crystalline adhesive.

Check our FAQ for any doubts and RSPro installation page for application/removal recommendations.

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